The Photographer - Nick Rezendes Photography

Who I Am:

I am a self taught photographer/videographer based out of Connecticut who loves capturing the real emotions that lie within a photo. From the time I was little, I have always been creative and have had a huge passion for anything artistic. As I got older, I really developed a true passion specifically in photography & videography and have been working hard to teach myself everything there is to know about each of them.

Hopefully one day my photography and videography can pay all my bills, but until then, I have a full time job working in Insurance. I am a huge sports fan whether it's playing or watching and I have a beautiful wife and two amazing children!  They are the reason I work so hard. 


To provide people with true genuine lasting memories whether it be of their pets, children, family, or a special occasion. I am very passionate in capturing the right shot and always strive to have each image tell a real story. I don't just want you to like your photos, I want you to LOVE your photos!
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